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Having your super in the one place and invested the right way could save you enough for a lot more holidays!

Combine your super and reap the rewards.


  • Easy to keep track of performance

  • No duplicate fees

  • Take control of your super and invest according to your preferences and individual situation (higher, medium or low risk, ethical, small companies, large companies, domestic and international)

  • Keep the same fund when you change employers




  • Review current funds

  • Combine funds

  • Invest funds tailored to your circumstances

  • Takes a maximum of 30 days to complete (usually much less)


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Probably Costs a Lot of $$$$?


Wrong. As a matter of fact it’s super (pun) cheap…!


A one-time fee of $220 to review/combine all of your superannuation funds and 0.66% of the fund balance every year to


administer and review your strategy. All fees paid through super.


So for a $50,000 portfolio the fees would be as follows:


Year 1


Review/Establishment fee of $220


Administration and review of investment strategy ($50,000 x 0.66%) = $330


Year 2


Administration and review of investment strategy ($50,000 x 0.66%) = $330


Send me an email: Jason@actionwealthnow.com.au, call (03) 9670 8338 or PM me on Facebook if you’re interested in chatting about it.